Morning Motivation: The Power of Connection

Morning Motivation: The Power of Connection

(WBTV) - The Power of Connection

  • Leaves not connected to trees die. (There is a connection needed in relationships)
  • The Source of connection. (Evaluate every relationship)
  • How do you know if you're connected to the right source?

We all need relationships but not all relationships! But in the course of understanding more about the relationships we have we must also understand that being connected to the right relationships is key.

Just to say we have relationships is one thing…Being connected to the right energy in a relationship is another thing.

Today my objective is to help you either connect to the right relationships, disconnected from energy draining relationships, or reinvest in the relationships which matter.

There are three principles I will share concerning The Power of Connection:

I. Leaves not connected to trees die.

We need connection. As the fall season is now upon us, and leaves begin to change, what we tend to admire about the beautiful colors is simply the transitioning of a leaf from a living state to a dying one. As long as a leaf is connected to the tree, it will live. The moment it is detached, it dies. Similar to a leaf, relationships are key as well. It is imperative that we are connected to relationships which bring life to us not those which drain us mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Any relationship which drains is toxic, and toxic relationships are out to kill our joy, steal our focus, and destroy our potential.

II. It is imperative that we place every relationship on trial. Are we giving more than we receive or are we receiving more that we give. Though you may turn inwardly to determine whether or not we are receiving, if we are not mindful of our contribution we could easily discover that we are the sources of toxicity.

III. Develop a system to determine if you are connected to a right source. Have you ever tried to plug in a device only to discover that the outlet was not operational? That has happened to me on a number of occasions. It is important to make sure that any relationship you are connected to is generating life and not leaving you for death.

These principles will help you to develop a system which empowers you. Happy connecting! Have your best day yet!

- Coach LaMonte

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