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CMPD: Suspicious package did not contain explosives

(Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV) (Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV)
(Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV) (Sarah-Blake Morgan | WBTV)

The suspicious package found at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) headquarters was not explosive, CMPD said Wednesday.

According to a tweet by CMPD, the package "did include indicators of [sic] explosive device."

In another tweet the department said their bomb-sniffing K9 got the reading correct.

Sources confirmed to WBTV a suspicious package that was found in the CMPD mailroom in uptown Charlotte, leading to an evacuation, had several electronic devices inside it. 

“When a bomb dog alerts on it, it isn’t a guarantee, but the dogs are trained to detect explosives and chemical components used to make explosives,” Captain Mike Campagna said.

The evacuation began Tuesday around 4:30 p.m. Sources said the package was sent to the department via FedEx. They said it not have a specific name on it, but simply read “CMPD.”

Sources said the package contained a cell phone, flashlight and bulb. The contents were X-Ray’d on scene.

“Because of the danger associated with a suspicious package, it’s a very slow methodical process,” Campagna said.

Sky3 captured the operation, which took nearly four hours, eventually removing the package by robot and taking it to a secure location for testing. Tuesday night, the department applauded an attentive employee.

“It is a good reminder that our officers and our employees have to remain vigilant on the streets, and even when they’re in their offices, to make sure everyone in our environment stays safe,” Campagna said.

WBTV spoke with former FBI Assistant Director, Chris Swecker about the precautions that are taken when a possible device is found.

“You have to get the right equipment in place and you have to evacuate as they did and all of that takes time and you have to safely ex-filtrate that bomb or that package to another location where they can actually render it safe, often they have to blow it up,” Swecker said.

A K9 named Leo alerted to the package that ended up being clear of explosives.

“K9s are generally reliable. But they do make mistakes and there are such things as false positives,” Swecker said.

Swecker said the scare only added to CMPD’s already full plate.

“It couldn’t have been more complicated for the law enforcement environment the last week in Charlotte. They’ve had just about everything thrown at them and this is just one more thing,” Swecker said.

The FBI, ATF and Postal Service are assisting CMPD with their investigation. 

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