Activists demand resignation of Charlotte mayor, police chief

Activists demand resignation of Charlotte mayor, police chief

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A group of activists are demanding an end to the state of the emergency and removal of the National Guard in Charlotte following the deadly shooting of a 43-year-old African-American man by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer.

Charlotte Mayor Roberts ended a curfew that was in place for several days from midnight to 6 a.m. and Governor Pat McCrory has said the National Guard could possibly leave Monday.

Charlotte Uprising is made up of several different activist groups in North Carolina that have come together since Tuesday after Keith Lamont Scott died.

They say the officer-involved shooting is part of a larger pattern.

"The shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott is part of a systematic pattern of anti-black sanctioned violence not only here in Charlotte but the state and the nation," said Cherell Brown of Greensboro.

Police Chief Kerr Putney said Keith Scott was shot Tuesday after officers saw him with a gun. Police released two videos Saturday evening, the Scott family released a video shot by his wife on Friday.

"Any and every public official who does not support an investigation into the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department needs to be voted or pushed out," Ashley Williams of TQPOC Collective CLT. "Chief Putney and Mayor Roberts - we are asking them to resign from their positions as they've been obstructing justice and they have not upheld their duties to the people."

Wednesday, a protester named Justin Carr was shot and killed in Uptown. Police charged Rayquan Borum with first degree murder.  
The prosecutor said in court Monday, Borum admitted to the police he did the shooting.

Charlotte Uprising's version of what occurred Tuesday and Wednesday does not match with the police.  They held a press conference and each person had varying demands including the repeal of House Bill 972, the law that takes effect October 1st restricting access to body cams videos to listing all the officers involved in the Scott case.

"So we have both immediate demands that we have which include the resignation of the Chief, resignation of the mayor, the release of all of the tapes not just Keith Scott but all those before," said activist Bree Newsome. "More long-term structural changes are needed that is what we're lifting up. We believe we need to direct funds away from the policing into education into jobs into healthcare."

Newsome said she is an artist and she is most well-known for climbing a flag pole to remove the Confederate flag from the capital grounds in South Carolina.

Charlotte Uprising said they want their most immediate demands to be met by Friday. They have not said what will happen if the demands are not met.

A short time later the North Carolina NAACP State Conference, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Branch of the NAACP and the Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice release a "unified list of immediate demands" of their own.

The group  says "police brutality and the need for major criminal justice reform must be addressed at the Presidential national debates and the Gubernatorial and Senatorial state debates."

They also want deeper analysis of "violence to include social violence inflicted by extremist policies such as the denial of Medicaid expansion and living wages."

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