Artists paint over Wednesday's destruction

Artists paint Hyatt House

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - To many, the boarded up windows of the Hyatt House in Uptown are more than an eyesore, they're a reminder of the destruction from Wednesday night's riots. But on Sunday, local artists painted over the plywood, hoping to start the healing process.

An arrest has since been made in connection to the Hyatt House vandalism, after the hotel's windows were kicked in when Wednesday night's protests turned destructive.

Since then, the Hyatt House sent an open invitation to local artists to paint on the plywood covering where windows used to be.

"Show, really the rest of the world, that Charlotte is a beautiful city, and we can come back from anything," said Matt Allen, the hotel's general manager.

Artists wanted to show people who may not be from Charlotte that Wednesday's riot is not what the city really is.

"Drove around today, saw this and saw it as an opportunity to do something positive with everything going on," said Sharon Harmon, one of the painters.

One artist also says this provides him the opportunity to express how he feels about the ongoing situation.

"I'm not a protester. I'm not a marcher. Everybody has their role, and that is not my role. My role is this, and this is what I'm doing. The overall goal for me is to still speak, and let people know my perspective, where I stand," said Rasul Harris.

Allen says he's working with the artists to see what they'll do with the paintings once the windows get replaced. He hopes the paintings will eventually be auctioned off to raise money to put back into the community.

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