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BLOG: 90s... in September?


Does it seem like this long hot… summer will never end?

Technically, it ended last week.

If you look at the thermometer, you can’t prove it!

Saturday’s high reached 93°. Today we hit 90°. Did we break any records? No.

The record high for yesterday’s date is 95° (set in 1895) and today’s record is 94° (set in 2010). Was it a lot warmer than it should be at the end of September? Oh yes! The average high for this date is 78°. So far in the month of September, we have had a high in the 70s once. That was on September 2. We’ve jumped above 90° on 11 days.

While this isn’t anywhere close to normal, it’s not unheard of to still be reaching the 90s this late in the year. Record highs for the Charlotte airport are in the 90s throughout September. (There are actually a few 100° records in early September) The latest record high over 90° is on October 13. It hit 91° on that date in 1954.

So, the heat could go on… but it won’t!

Relief is in sight! A cold front will be moving through by Tuesday. Temperatures will only be in the low 80s Monday and Tuesday due to more cloud cover and a chance for rain. By Wednesday, we will still be in the low 80s but you should begin to notice a difference in the humidity. By Thursday, highs will be in the mid 70s with lower humidity. We should be able to keep that up through the weekend. Another bonus will be overnight lows. Say good-bye to the 60s and hello to the 50s!

Happy fall, y’all!

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