Panthers' Tre Boston: We need unity here in Charlotte

Panthers' Tre Boston: We need unity here in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Carolina Panthers' safety Tre Boston says players are planning some type of protest after a Charlotte man was shot and killed by police earlier this week.

During warmups before the Panthers' 22-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, quarterback Cam Newton wore a shirt with a famous quote by Martin Luther King Jr.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," the shirt read.

During the national anthem, safety Marcus Ball had his finger in the air, signifying "one love."

During interviews after the game, Boston said it would mean more if the players did it together.

"We didn't want to - if I do it today, you ask question another player 'why didn't you do it?' That's not how we are around here," Boston said.

Boston said there is a plan in place, but they didn't have time to solidify it before the game.

"People kinda needed time to think about it, to get it through everything. Cause you know it happened Tuesday and we didn't come up with a real good plan until yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon," he said. "So to pass it through to everybody - take it all the way upstairs - it was kinda hard."

"We don't want to rush anything," he added. "Because once you take a stand, you want to be able to take that stand next week, the week after and if you have to - for life. So we gotta make sure that we do this the right way to represent everybody."

Boston called the plan a protest and said teammates could get together on Tuesday - when the team has an off day.

"I'm not letting two weeks pass," Boston said. "It's kinda hard, I just feel like I have to do something for this community."

"I'll find a way to get back into the community and do something," he added.

He said the players want to do it together and in a way where the message won't be misinterpreted.

"[We] wanna makes sure there's unity. We want unity. We need it here in Charlotte," Boston said. "We need everybody to come together from the media, NFL players, to the community, to the police officers. We want to make sure that everybody's fair in this and we don't leave out anybody's life."

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