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Scott family reacts after CMPD releases body cam, dash cam videos

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Everyone who had seen the police videos before Saturday, Chief Kerr Putney, Mayor Jennifer Roberts and the Scott family, have said they do not clearly show Keith Lamont Scott holding a gun.

The chief maintains the tapes, in and of themselves, don't provide a clear picture of everything that happened. The images are blurry and they move fast.

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Tuesday, Keith Scott was killed outside his University City apartment building.

The Scott family's lawyer, Justin Bamberg, said they are thankful the police met their request to release the videos.

Chief Putney says he knows there are a lot of stories floating around, like whether Scott had a book or a gun in his hand.  He said the videos combined with the other evidence in this case lay out the facts and the chief does not believe his officers broke the law.

VIDEO FOR MOBILE USERS: Click here to see the body camera video | Click here to see the dash camera video

The Scott family agrees there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle to understand what happened and they are still questioning why Keith Scott had to die.

"He’s not aggressively moving towards law enforcement he’s actually doing the opposite.  He’s passively stepping back," said Bamberg after police videos were released Saturday afternoon.

"It does not make sense to us how it was possible that this incident resulted in the loss of life," Ray Dotch, Scott's brother-in-law said.

"When you look at the time frame between Mr. Scott stepping out of his vehicle to the moment he unfortunately passes away on the pavement his, is do those actions do these precious seconds justify this shooting?," Bamberg told a crowd of reporters. 

Earlier in the day, prior to the release of the footage, Chief Kerr Putney held a press conference.

"The footage itself will not create in anyone’s mind absolutely certainty as to what this case represents and what the outcome should be," Putney said.

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Putney said he released the evidence after knowing it would not hurt the SBI's investigation. Police released dash cam and body cam footage as well as three photos of evidence. They say it shows why the officers stopped serving a warrant to someone else because they say Scott had a blunt and a gun.

Charles Monnett also represents the Scott family. Monnett represented Jonathan Ferrell's family, the man who died three years ago in another officer-involved shooting in Charlotte. He said he is surprised we are standing here again.

"Before a firearm can be discharged by an officer and be in compliance with their policy the subject they are trying or about to shoot has to be engaged in aggravated active aggression which they define as the imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death to an officer or another innocent bystander," Monnett said, " Their policy talks about the discharge of a weapon not the presence of a weapon."

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