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Group marches through uptown Charlotte in response to Keith Lamont Scott shooting

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Several groups held rallies and even a march through uptown Charlotte Saturday in response to the officer involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. 

About two dozen people gathered at First Ward Park early Saturday morning to meditate for unity and healing.

“I saw the protest on television and my heart hurts for Charlotte, you know, this is my city. I was born and raised here and there has to be another way. We need to be able to come together to listen to change and the only way we’ll do this is peacefully,” said Rebecca Moore.

Participants encouraged one another to find ways to bring love back to their individual communities. Another group of people protested across from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Station on Beatties Ford Road.

“I’m encouraged by the people who are out here protesting that say, 'We want transparency, we want police reform,' I stand with them on that,” said Tiffany Fant.

Fant lives in the community and said she believes protests and rallies are necessary to force change and bring about equality. She was hurt by the violence in the city earlier this week and believed many of those involved were acting on emotion.

“I’m not angry anymore, what now I want is change and I think we need to figure out the way to do it."

At Marshall Park, more than 1,000 people from all over came to march through the city. Many of those who came were families with children.

“I want them to see it firsthand and I don’t want them to have a bias towards people because I feel like that’s the problem, you’re taught a certain thing at home, but you have to bring the kids out in the community and see what’s going on and see how we can change things here in the community,” said Bruce Garmon.

Garmon brought his 9-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. He was around when some of the violence broke out earlier this week and said it’s something he’s had to explain to his children.

“You have to learn not to act out of emotion, same thing as some kid took your toy, you can’t just go hit that kid. You’ve got to go and rationalize and talk to him about so a lot of things happening downtown I explained to them was because of anger,” Garmon said.

The group marched from Marshall Park to the Mecklenburg County Courthouse and CMPD headquarters. Several officers followed along on bikes to stop traffic.

At one point the group chanted, “no tapes, no peace” and called on CMPD to release the footage of the shooting.

Following the events, CMPD announced they would release the footage. Chief Kerr Putney told reporters at a news conference that the decision to release the video was based on conversations with the State Bureau of Investigation, the agency investigating the shooting. Putney said he did not want to release the footage if it was going to potentially hinder the investigation. He said after talking to SBI, he felt comfortable releasing the footage.

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