Nettie Reeves: Standing for peace workout

Nettie Reeves: Standing for peace workout

Nettie Reeves:  STANDING For Peace Workout

Fun workout you can do while standing. The quick switch up!

1. Extended Toe Touch - Stand on right leg, knee slightly bent, with left leg extended low behind hip. Extend right arm straight overhead, palm facing forward. Slightly extend spine and lift chest, raising left leg as high as you can, reaching right arm up. Scoop abs into spine and sweep left leg forward, reaching right hand to toes. Return to start. Reverse and repeat.

2. Vertical Standing Abs - Start with feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, and arms in a goalpost position. Rotate to the right, keeping hips level and using upper body only to twist. Next, rotate to the other side. Maintain open chest and level shoulders throughout.

3. Skaters - Stand on left leg, right leg bent behind body, foot lifted low. Bend left knee and lean forward, reaching right arm to the ?oor in front of left foot, extending left arm up behind body. Jump off left foot and leap to the right, bending elbows and bringing hands together in mid-air. Land on right leg, with knee bent, reaching left arm to right foot, right arm extended behind body. Repeat to the other side. That's one rep.
~ Perform each for one minute swiftly moving from one to the next. Blast a few hundred calories in a quick three minutes ?at!
~ One person - Do each for one minute in succession or make it more fun with three people or more - Each person chooses one exercise and switches off after one minute, continuing to switch until all three are completed.
FYI - In light of our recent city tragedies, we have postponed our FUNkyFit Family Reunion that was scheduled for today.

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