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Charlotte church holds service for city, parishioner shot during protest

Justin Carr (Photo courtesy family) Justin Carr (Photo courtesy family)

Family members say Justin Carr went to the protest Wednesday night to stand up for Keith Lamont Scott, the man shot and killed by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer.

“My son was a very peaceful kid,” Vivian Carr said. “He went out there to stand up for what he knows is right, and he went with peace.”

On the night her 26-year-old son decided to join the protest – it was anything but peaceful. Someone fired a shot into a crowd of people outside the Omni Hotel on Trade Street. The bullet hit Justin Carr. He died Thursday at the hospital.

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“His heart still beats on,” his mother said. “They transplanted his heart today in someone else, also his liver. Someone from Ohio came to get the lungs so he was able to save three lives. So this tragedy also has turned out to be something good."

Investigators said video cameras in the Trade Street area helped them pinpoint the shooter. Friday morning, police brought Raquan Borum in for questioning. Hours later, police charged him with murder. 

Detectives said Borum fired the shot into the crowd.

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Before the fatal shooting Wednesday night, Our Lady of Consolation Church in Charlotte planned a “Prayer Listening Conciliation” service for the city.

Wednesday night when Carr was shot, the protest struck a deeper nerve. Carr and his relatives are members of the church.

During Friday’s night service, members of the community spoke out against the violence then Carr’s family talked about the young man who was killed.

His mother said, “Overall, he was a good dude. He wasn’t about violence or any of that. He’s a soon to be father.”

Vivian Carr said the service, “Made me feel good, the support and everything.”

“It gave a platform for people to come out and talk and maybe we can pull together more as a community,” she added, especially the black community. “It starts with us.”

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