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Friend of Officer Brentley Vinson describes a 'man of faith'

Officer Brentley Vinson (WBTV/File) Officer Brentley Vinson (WBTV/File)

A man who is friends with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer who shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott is speaking out. Mike Scurlock says Officer Brentley Vinson is a man of faith. 

Scurlock told WBTV he met Vinson in a bible study group for people who play football.

"He's a great person," Scurlock said. "He is always smiling."

Scurlock said Vinson looked forward to a life of fighting crime.

"He was very excited when he was able to get through CMPD academy," he said. "He was very excited."

The friend said Vinson would often speak at Scurlock's program designed for young people.

"Give kids insight on how to make wise decisions that can affect you within your life. He has given a lot of great messages," Scurlock said.

When news broke that Vinson was the officer who shot and killed Scott, Scurlock said his heart sank.

"You hurt for both families," Scurlock said. "For Mr. Scott's family, and also for Mr. Vinson as well."

The violent protests that erupted after the shooting has the friend concerned.

"Violence does absolutely nothing," he said. "It doesn't get us anywhere. It actually hinders the progression of where we want to go."

Vinson's friend believes releasing the video of the shooting captured by officers' body cam may help.

"Anytime when it doesn't hurt the investigation in itself, I believe that transparency is always key, because that vindicates, it calms and that's what everybody wants," Scurlock said.

Scurlock said all he can do now is pray for his friend, pray for the Scott family and pray Charlotte can recover.

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