WEATHER BLOG: New feature – Alert Days

WEATHER BLOG: New feature – Alert Days

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Starting this week, WBTV Weather is introducing a new feature on our 7-Day First Alert Forecast. With so much information being displayed in one picture, we felt it was important to highlight specific days that will include disruptive or even dangerous weather conditions.

Generally, the threshold for an Alert Day will be met if we feel at least 40% of our viewing area will be affected by significant weather such as rain, thunderstorms, and snow of course. Unusually high heat, extreme cold and/or wind are also monitored for possible alert days.

We will tend to be more aggressive with issuing Alert Days in the first two to three days of the 7-Day forecast since confidence tends to be higher in the short term.

See the accompanying example of the 7-Day First Alert Forecast we issued on Friday evening September 23.

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