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Carolina gas stations already getting more fuel after pipeline fix

(Michael Clark | WBTV) (Michael Clark | WBTV)

Gas stations across the Carolinas are inching closer to “business as usual” after a fuel shortage due to problems from a pipeline in Alabama.

After officials announced it was fixed Thursday, WBTV went to several communities to see if stations were able to pump gas.

In Chester County, South Carolina, a gasoline tanker was just pulling in and refilled a convenience store in Richburg with regular unleaded.

Regular gasoline had been difficult to find over the past four days.

“Long lines, aggravation, frustration, tension got high, it was pretty rough,” said Deon Jenkins, from nearby Lancaster, South Carolina.

As news of the problems spread, people flocked to pumps. They found higher prices because of the demand.

Some stations were out of fuel completely and had pumps covered with plastic bags. Other stores only had premium gasoline, or limited purchases to $20.

“It put a little scare in everybody, sorta like when they say it’s going to snow and everybody runs to the store to get them some bread and milk. It’s about the same thing,” said Chuck Price from Great Falls.

Price said he filled up a couple of canisters to take home for his tractor and other machinery.

Friday, some gas station attendants reported being out of the mid and high grade gasoline and did not expect more until after the weekend.

Regular gasoline prices have started to fall, but it fluctuates depending on where you go.

“That $1.99 looks good,” said Zachaeus Talford, who was filling up at the Fort Lawn Marathon and Grill.

That price was much lower compared to stations closer to Interstate 77 in Richburg.

“I’ve seen some prices go all the way up to $2.24 in this area,” said Price.

Gas prices are always higher in North Carolina, because of the difference in state gas taxes.

Friday, several gas stations in the Steele Creek area of Charlotte only had a difference of about a dime per gallon compared to some stations in the Palmetto State.

WBTV did not see any gas stations with outages in southwest Charlotte, though a tanker driver told a reporter that there are still some stations without gas in other parts of North Carolina.

Drivers are just glad they’re no longer competing with neighbors for a spot fill up.

“Everybody was just scrambling, trying to find it, trying to find it, but hey, everything back right now,” Talford said.

Gas prices are expected to continue to fall as supply increases over the coming days.

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