Man accused in Shelby officer shooting to be extradited to NC

Man accused in Shelby officer shooting to be extradited to NC
Irving Fenner Jr.
Irving Fenner Jr.

SHELBY, NC (WBTV) - The man accused of shooting and killing a Shelby police officer will be headed back to North Carolina soon to face charges after he signed extradition waiver papers Thursday morning.

Irving Fenner Jr, 23, is accused of shooting Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen nearly two weeks ago while Brackeen was serving a warrant on him.

According to police, Fenner escaped to Rhode Island with the help of a relative and was arrested four days later by Rhode Island State Police and the FBI.

Brackeen died two days after the shooting at Carolinas Medical Center.

During his arraignment in Rhode Island, Fenner fought extradition back to North Carolina to face charges in Officer Brackeen's death.

Monday, Governor Pat McCrory signed extradition papers necessary to bring him back to North Carolina.

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"I have said all along that I was committed to pursuing extradition in this case using all legal means that are available," Governor McCrory said Monday. "It is vital that this investigation moves forward as quickly as possible, and part of that involves returning this suspect to North Carolina."

Thursday morning, Fenner signed extradition waiver papers in Third Division District Court. He is clear to be picked up by authorities from North Carolina and will face murder charges.

The District Attorney says he expects Fenner back in Shelby 'in a week or two." Last week, he announced that he plans to seek the death penalty in the case.

Others arrested in the case

Jolisa Peeler is being held in the Cleveland County Jail after she was extradited last week from Rhode Island.

According to investigators, Peeler is the relative who drove Fenner from North Carolina to Rhode Island to hide from police during a manhunt. That's where he shaved off his hair in an attempt to alter his appearance, according to police.

Peeler was held as a fugitive from justice from the State of North Carolina on a felony warrant for accessory to murder after the fact.

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Five other people have been charged for their alleged involvement in the case.

Casey Fenner of New York and Deitra Morris of Shelby were each charged Tuesday night with accessory after the fact of first-degree murder, which is a Class C felony.

Fenner's uncle, Corry Peeler and his girlfriend Hope Wyman, are both charged with harboring a criminal. Police say the charges stem from "aid that they provided the suspect, Irving Lucien Fenner Jr., after the murder of Officer Tim Brackeen."

Ashley Hamrick, the woman WBTV previously interviewed, was charged Tuesday afternoon with felony harboring a fugitive "for giving Fenner aid and comfort while he was subject to outstanding warrants for 1st degree burglary, robbery with dangerous weapon, and second degree kidnapping," according to Shelby police.

Hamrick is accused of harboring Fenner, knowing he was wanted, when officer Brackeen attempted to serve warrants on him early Saturday morning.

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