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Facebook initiates 'Safety Check' feature following second night of unrest

(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)

If you're wondering how your friends and loved ones are doing who live in and around uptown Charlotte, Facebook would like to help you with that.

Facebook has activated its "Safety Check" feature for Charlotte after the second night of protests in uptown.

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This feature has been used in the past during the Orlando nightclub shooting, the attack in Nice, France, sniper attack on Dallas police and, more recently, the explosion in New York City.

"Safety Check" is Facebook's way to help people who live in the area of a major crisis to notify others they are safe.

Facebook users can tag themselves as safe. You will likely get a notification if your friend checks in.

Otherwise, you can find out if your loved ones are safe, simply type in "Safety Check" in the "Search" toolbar in Facebook. The social media site is using the heading "The Protest in Charlotte, North Carolina".

You can also use THIS LINK to connect to the Orlando shooting's safety check.

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