Cam Newton shares thoughts on officer-involved shooting, community reaction

Cam Newton shares thoughts on officer-involved shooting, community reaction

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - On a normal Wednesday we would be talking about what the Panthers are doing to prepare for their next match-up, but on Wednesday the tone was very different after the events that took place in Charlotte Tuesday night following the fatal officer-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

"My heart mourns for that family, I just don't know enough information at this specific time. When it happened I was here, and I've been here all day so I just don't know enough," Cam Newton said at a press conference Wednesday.

Newton said when it comes to speaking on these types of issues, he feels no matter what he says he is going to be criticized. However, he was still very open on his thoughts.

"The place that I stand sometimes is a lose-lose," Newton said. "You say something in one sense and everybody is saying, 'you're a traitor.' You say something in another sense and, 'oh, he's just too real,' and you can't necessarily say that. So I'm in a position now where it's like you know if I say something it's ok to be critiqued, and if I don't say something, 'oh, you fake and you're flawed.' I'm firm believer of justice and doing the right thing, and I can't repeat it enough of just holding people accountable."

"It could've happened in Atlanta, in Los Angeles, it doesn't matter," Newton continued. "It's embarrassing for things to just keep happening."

Newton, who has been a resident of Charlotte since 2011, said he has many goals for uniting the Carolinas.

"One thing I wanted to do is bring the passion to the Carolinas," he said. "From my community, the black community, to the white community - football gives me that opportunity."

When it comes to how other athletes like Colin Kaepernick use their platform, Newton said, "I salute Colin Kaepernick for his stand for what he stands for, but at the end of the day I also can make a stand in my own right. That's why I have a foundation, and I've been trying to do anything and everything to bring the city of Charlotte, or wherever that I'm around, that can impact it in a positive way. And I'm hoping people see that and do the same thing."

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