Faith community stresses need for patience, prayer in Keith Scott investigation

Faith community stresses need for patience, prayer in Keith Scott investigation

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As officials from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department continue to investigate the fatal shooting of Keith Scott, members of the faith community are hoping to stress the need for patience as tempers flare.

Pastor Mark Harris, Pastor Leon Threatt, Pastor Jim Logan, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held a news conference on Tuesday to remind the community that the wheels of justice take time to spin.

Threatt said while he is concerned about Scott's death, he is also worried about the 16 CMPD officers who were injured following Tuesday night's protests.


"We're here to remind all of us there is a process to this shooting and we would like to encourage our community to find its way to this peaceful process of investigation," Threatt said.

Threatt said he's looking to the community to engage in peaceful protest instead of the kind that "terrorized our community" during Tuesday night's protests.

"We have one tragedy," Threatt said. "We should not make it multiplied by creating havoc in our cities and communities."

Logan echoed Threatt's remarks.

"I would encourage you to protest, but for you to remember there is a right way to protest, and destruction of property and violence does nothing but multiply that," Logan said.

"This is not Charlotte," Threatt said. "The events that unfolded last night, that's not who we are. It seems like the national media wants to hear more about those things, but we are a different kind of people. We work well together. Even in tragedies we seem to get through it, and we get through it together."

That togetherness was not on display Tuesday night, according to Logan.

"This is the first time in 31 years that I've seen what we saw on television last night, and it absolutely breaks my heart," Logan agreed.

Harris, meanwhile, urged the community to pray for peace.

"As Pastor Threatt was very clear, there's not only a process, but to pray for peace," Harris said. "Peace in our city, where we do stand together."

As a result of the Scott case, Billy Graham's Rapid Response team has been dispatched to the area to help those relying on faith to get through the days ahead.

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