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Community activists speak out on fatal officer-involved shooting

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Community activists spoke Wednesday morning about a police shooting that left 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott dead. 

Scott was fatally shot just before 4 p.m. Tuesday at The Village at College Downs apartment complex on Old Concord Road. Officer Brentley Vinson, with CMPD since July 2014, was identified as the officer who fired the shot. 

The shooting sparked unrest across the community.

One community activist spoke out at the conference, saying he is standing up for black manhood and black people who are being gunned down in the street. "Since black lives do not matter for this city then our black dollar shouldn't matter," the man said, "We're calling for economic boycott in the city of Charlotte."

John C. Barnett, national civil rights activist, compared Scott's case to previous cases, including that of Jonathan Ferrell and Walter Scott. He said he plans to speak to lawyers in Ferrell's case.

Barnett asked what Charlotte plans to do. "You gonna cut another check?," Barnett asked. 

"Why you can't shoot him in the leg, why four times in the chest?," Barnett said, after explaining that Scott was disabled.

A woman speaking on behalf of Scott asked that Scott not be revictimized. "We will not allow [Scott] to be revictimized by the system that took his life," the woman said. She said Scott's past doesn't matter. What matters, the woman said, is what he was doing at the time of the shooting. 

Police say Scott was armed with a handgun, but his family says he was holding a book.

Scott's family immediately turned to social media to tell their side of the story. A woman claiming to be Scott's daughter live streamed the scene on Facebook for more than an hour after the shooting.

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In the video, she said her father was unarmed when he was shot. The woman said Scott was sitting in his vehicle reading a book and waiting for the school bus to drop off his son. In the video, she is heard saying police came up to him, yelled for him to get his hands up and broke open the car window.

Detectives say they recovered the firearm Scott was holding. 

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Putney said the story is different than it's been portrayed through social media. 

"We're still going through all of the footage from both body-worn and dash," Putney said regarding police video. "I can tell you a handgun was seized," Putney said, "I can also tell you we did not find a book, which has been referenced to."

Others have disputed information that Scott had a gun, saying that he was armed with nothing more than a book. 

Barnett invited others to join them at Marshall Park in Charlotte for a march, asking for peaceful protests.

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