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Rowan EMS: Rowan County doing well for now with fuel shortage

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There are some gas stations that are without fuel in Rowan County, but overall, gas is still widely available according to a status report from Rowan County Emergency Services Director Frank Thomason.

"Multiple retail stations across the county are out of fuel, primarily regular grade unleaded, higher grades more available but depleting due to higher use with unavailability of regular," Thomason wrote in an  update on Monday afternoon.  "Some stations have been resupplied and are providing fuel again.  Supply deliveries are longer than normal and not keeping up with demand at some facilities.  Diesel appears available without issue. No reports of local public safety being impacted at this time.  Stations typically are not being advised when next deliveries will be made or available."

The shortage has been caused by the Colonial pipeline spill in Alabama. The North Carolina price gouging law is also now in place as gas prices are expected to rise statewide.

The U.S. Department of Transportation ordered the company responsible to take corrective action before the fuel starts flowing again, the Associated Press reports.

Tiffany Wright with AAA Carolinas said this supply problem is temporary.

"Everybody is rushing out to get gas. It’s like the whole milk and bread thing. When you do that that’s going to affect supply and that’s going to unfortunately lead to some shortages at gas stations. What we say to consumers is, 'don’t do anything that you normally wouldn’t do.'"

In addition to the Carolinas, fuel in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee were also threatened by the spill.

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