Morning Motivation: Three Keys to a Life Turnaround

Morning Motivation: Three Keys to a Life Turnaround

(WBTV) - Key 1: Imagination is the factory of life change. You were given an imagination to envision and create a life which is possible for you to live. The life you can not see is the life you will never have. Your mind needs a picture to gravitate towards. You must see it before you ever experience it.

Key 2: Know what needs to be changed so that you are fully aware when the change happens.

Change is not change until you change. So many of us claim to have experienced change but it is more in deception than actualization; we believe we have changed but are still channeling the same behaviors in other areas of our lives.

Key 3: Celebrate every small step as if it is a big step.

Life is lived day by day, step by step. Every step you make towards the life you want to live is a step towards mastering your internal self. What you may see as a small thing your life sees as a major leap towards manifesting your desired life.

Babies take small steps but cover more ground than when crawling.

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