WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Let's Keep CMS Test Scores Rising

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Let's Keep CMS Test Scores Rising

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School test results from last spring are in…and they look pretty good.
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School district is reporting an increase in all subjects except for one – English Two.
It’s good to hear that CMS is already tackling the reasons why THOSE scores have dropped again.
And we’re thrilled to say that the CMS graduation rate is at an all-time high - 89.6 percent.
This means about 9 out of 10 CMS seniors are getting high school diplomas.
We applaud teachers, principals and administrators who have worked very hard to educate each student.
Still, the work is far from being complete.
Test scores may be up, but there are some students who continue to fall through the cracks.
It’s time to seal those cracks.
And while most schools are meeting or exceeding their goals for growth, several schools did not come close.
We’d have to give them an “F” for their performance.
Even at schools with high graduation rates, there are still too many seniors who are not college or career-ready.
Let’s make sure our graduates are prepared for life after high school.
CMS, we know you can't complete this assignment alone.
It's going to take parents, relatives, church families, politicians and the community to keep the school system moving in the right direction.
But we believe that if everyone does his part, every student can achieve success.

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