Life Hack: Koozies to organize cords

Life Hack: Koozies to organize cords

(WBTV) - We've all been there. You try to wrap up your cords neatly, but the next thing you know - you have a tangled mess.

What you need is a simple life hack to help you get organized.

We'll say it with one word. Koozies.

The things are handed out at nearly every event or wedding that you go to and now they can help you organize (and store) those cords.

The koozie will keep the cord from unrolling or getting tangled and the cord's ends can be accessed from the two openings in the bottom while it's being used.

And if you don't have a ton of koozies around the house, there is another alternative that you're bound to have on hand. Leftover toilet paper tubes.

After all, it's not like you're going to have it out in the open for everyone to see - you just need somewhere to store those old cables you don't use anymore.

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