Police: Shelby officer wearing body cam when fatally shot

Officer Brackeen wearing body camera during shooting

SHELBY, NC (WBTV) - Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen was wearing a body camera when he struggled with Irving Fenner Jr and was fatally shot over the weekend, police say.

Officer Brackeen was attempting to serve a warrant on 23-year-old Fenner in the area of Parkview Street early Saturday morning when Fenner allegedly shot Brackeen in the torso.

Brackeen died from those injuries Monday morning at Carolinas Medical Center, in Charlotte.

Late Tuesday evening, police in Rhode Island raided a home reportedly searching for Fenner. His half sister, along with a woman in New York, were both arrested and also charged with aiding Fenner. He was caught and taken into custody early Wednesday morning.

Investigators have not said exactly what the body camera footage shows, but hope the images captured will show investigators exactly what happened.

Police also say several guns were found in connection to the investigation. The guns are being tested to determine which gun was used in the shooting.

Fenner was arraigned in Rhode Island, where is is currently being held, but is fighting extradition to North Carolina. It could be up to 60 days before he returns to Shelby.

"Getting him back to Shelby is big," Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford said. "Once he gets here, we will continue the investigation and getting him here is a small step in a long journey."

Fenner's sister, who was arrested in Rhode Island, is on her way back to Shelby.

Police say there could be more arrests coming in the case.

While police work around the clock trying to put the pieces together on this case, officers from all over are remembering Brackeen.

"From New York to Florida to Tennessee, officers are already arriving in town to be a part of this.," the Chief said. "It's really comforting for our folks to see."

K9 officers from Seviersville, TN arrived in Shelby Thursday.  They trained with Brackeen and tell WBTV there got emotional when they heard their fellow officer get shot and killed.

"It's hard to talk about it," Seviersville K9 Officer Lt. Eddie Helton said. "I took it very hard because I was personal friends with Tim, and my family saw my reaction and my wife said you had to go."

Shelby Police Department K9 Trainer Howard Young tells WBTV how Brackeen's partner is doing.  Brackeen dog's name is Psycho and the two have been together for ten years, since the dog was a puppy.

"As Tim would describe it, Psycho was his boy," Young said. "They did everything together."

Young tells WBTV Psycho is staying with him right now and he knows something is wrong.

"He senses that he is not at his home," Young said.  "He is not getting to work as much as he used to, because of the type of bond he and Tim had. I am trying to become friends with him. It's been a slow process."

Young says the department might retire Psycho.

Brackeen's funeral will be Friday at 3 p.m. at Keeter Stadium.

The chief says the last time an officer was fatally shot in the line of duty in Shelby was back in 1904.

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