Close to capture

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.
Breaking tonight-- police in Providence, Rhode Island, believe they are close to capturing the man accused of killing Shelby Police Officer Tim Brakeen.  23-year old Irving Fenner is on the run facing first degree murder charges.  We are watching this closely after two women were arrested and accused of harboring a fugitive and accessory to the crime.
If you downloaded Apple's latest i-o-s 10 software today your iPhone might be exposed to a major bug that's leaving devices temporarily useless.  Apple says user who experience a failed update should plug their devices into computers and connect to i-tunes to restore the system.

Crews are tonight spraying for mosquitoes in western York County near the town of Hickory Grove.  That’s where a person who contracted Zika while traveling lives.
They will also set up collection sites to survey the insects to make sure none of the mosquitoes are infected.

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