BLOG: NFL opening week just as good as college football's 1st week

BLOG: NFL opening week just as good as college football's 1st week

With the completion of week one in pro football, the NFL said "anything you can do, I can do better" to college football.  Well maybe not better but is was pretty darn close.

Eleven of the 16 games in week one were settled by a touchdown or less.

Seven of those were decided by a late field goal, missed field goal (sorry Panthers fans), or a late drive that was denied by great defense.

My favorite of the weekend had to be the shoot out in New Orleans between the Raiders and the Saints.

Oakland gets a TD with 40 seconds to play and instead of going for the tie, they go for 2 and convert it.  Saints would drive down and attempt a 61 yard field goal at the gun but it was no good.  Raiders in 35-34.

What about the Kansas City Chiefs coming back from 24-3 to beat San Diego 33-27 in overtime on an Alex Smith TD run?

Seattle and Miami was entertaining as the Dolphins got tons of pressure on Russell Wilson all game, but Russ would get the last laugh as he threw a TD pass with 30 seconds to go to beat Miami 12-10.

Detroit without future Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson would beat Indianapolis 39-35 on a late field goal and a oh by the way safety after the Colts tried to pull off the Music City Miracle that looked like it might work at least for a second until the final toss was thrown out the end zone.

And oh, the Dallas Cowboys...  For them not to have Tony Romo, Dak Prescott played well and Dallas had a chance to beat the Giants.  Down 20-19 in the final stages of the game and driving but wide receiver Terrance Williams makes a catch and does not go out of bound.  Dallas has no time outs and the clock expires with the Cowboys on the Giants 40 yards line.  What a tough way to lose.

Speaking of not having your QB, New England without Tom Brady or tight end Rob Gronkowski and go into Arizona and beat the Cardinals 23-21.  Cards had a chance to win it but suffered the same fate as the Carolina Panthers as their kicker missed the game winning field goal.

Speaking of the Panthers...  Never mind!  No need to talk about that anymore.  Let's move on to week 2 as the 1-0 San Francisco 49ers come to the Bank.

It was a great week of football for the NFL and here's to hoping they don't suffer the same let down in week 2 that college football did.


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