WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Controversy, and a Chance for Conversation

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Controversy, and a Chance for Conversation

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The San Francisco 49ers roll into town this Sunday, and with them, their now-controversial quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.
The stands will be full with excited fans…the teams will be chomping at the bit for the opening kickoff…and then we’ll pause for the singing of our National Anthem.
We expect that one player will “take a knee” during those two minutes…but we don’t know that he’ll be alone.
Sports pundits, news commentators, you and I have been talking for several weeks now about Mr. Kaepernick’s protests in previous games.
Some disagree with his stance, saying he should show respect for a country that has given him so many opportunities.
Others say that what makes America great is giving its citizens the right to speak their minds, whether or not what they say is popular.
We’re pleased that Colin Kaepernick’s actions have sparked conversation about race relations in our country.
But we hope it is true dialogue – not “I’m right, you’re wrong. End of story.”
This is an excellent opportunity to listen…to learn.
Whatever your position on standing at attention for the National Anthem, we hope that you’ll show respect for those with whom you may disagree.
And let’s continue the conversation. Not talking about America’s problems will not solve them.
Any day is a great day to make our country better.
Let’s begin this Sunday.

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