Life Hack: Cooling a Drink

Life Hack: Cooling a Drink (Part 1)

(WBTV) - You're hosting a party (or just going to grab a drink from the fridge) and you realize you are all out of cold drinks. Bummer.

But a simple life hack could get you back in the cold drink game sooner than you think.

According to the hacks we've seen online, take a couple paper towels and wrap them around your drink, then douse it in water. It should be soaked but not dripping.

Put it in the refrigerator. When you got back 10-15 minutes later, it should be cold.

As the water on the wet paper towel evaporates, it draws heat away from the drink, cooling it faster.

Other varieties of the hack suggest using the freezer instead of the fridge.

One suggestion: set a timer so you don't forget your drink in the freezer. If you leave it in too long, the can or bottle may explode.

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