Morning Motivation: The Egg Principle

Morning Motivation: The Egg Principle

(WBTV) - Our life is equivalent to an egg.

First, we never know what is within until we are broken. And we can never be used for our intended purpose until we have been broken.

It is impossible to make it through life without facing and overcoming some challenges. We live our life to intentionally avoid conflict, but we must discover that conflict in life is our greatest teacher.

We need conflict to not only increase our value but to instruct us on who we are and why we exist.

In other words, you will never fully know who you are till you have been broken by life.

Brokenness is effectiveness. You will be more effective when you embrace the point that life will break you or has broken you.

For many of us, we have had seasons of breaking. Whether we have been broken in relationships, broken in bad decisions, broken by jobs, or broken by past developments which overwhelm us in present situations.

We must embrace the idea that at some point we will be broken. But now is the time to view brokenness differently.

The following are the five principles of the Egg Principle:

  1. Never depend on the external to reveal the internal: Everyone is protected by their shell.
  2. Like an egg, we must be broken so that it is revealed what is within us.
  3. Like an egg, once broken we are more effective. (Then you have your story)
  4. Like an egg, once broken we can fulfill our purpose.
  5. Like an egg, once broken you add to the substance of wherever you are needed to complete what’s missing.

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