Mooresville neighbors help worker engulfed in flames

Mooresville neighbors help worker engulfed in flames

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - Neighbors in one Mooresville community jumped into action Friday night to save a man engulfed in flames.

The incident happened in a new development off of Beech Tree Road. First responders said a man using a pressure washer accidentally lit himself on fire. They said the fire started when the man was trying to refuel the pressure washer while it was running.

Neighbors watched the situation unfold in horror.

"I've never seen anything like that in real life and I never want to see anything like that again," said neighbor Tracey Egloff.

Egloff said she was outside with her kids to visit an ice cream truck when she heard the flames spark.

"The (man's) truck just caught on fire and he caught on fire," said Egloff.

What Egloff and the other neighbors saw, will not be forgotten. The man began screaming as flames engulfed his body.

"I just saw him like rolling and he was like taking off his clothes and he was just screaming," said neighbor Sierra Wille.

The neighbors jumped into action. Egloff is not a firefighter, but she said her father worked as one for 30 years. She was prepared for an emergency fire situation.

"It just kicked in to run and grab my fire extinguisher," said Egloff. "I just started spraying him down with the fire extinguisher and then I ran to the truck and I'm trying to put that fire out."

She worried the man's truck would explode so she moved her children out of her nearby home. Firefighters and EMTs soon arrived at the scene to rush the burning man to the hospital. Officials said he had second and third degree burns all over his body.

"I just prayed for him and prayed for God to save his life and for him to be okay," said Egloff.

The neighbors may have done enough themselves to save the man's life.

"I thank God for putting us there to hopefully save this man's life," said Egloff.

Firefighters believe this man is a contracted worker who was doing a job in the neighborhood.

His name and current medical condition have not been released. Officials said he was taken to a burn hospital in Winston-Salem.

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