Passengers react to movie 'Sully' capturing life-changing moment

Passengers react to movie 'Sully' capturing life-changing moment

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The "Miracle on the Hudson" is now a movie that debuts Friday night for the public.

Tom Hanks plays Captain Chesley Sullenberger, who made an emergency plane landing on the Hudson River in January 2009. Passengers on US Airways Flight 1549 heading to Charlotte that day are watching the movie and are reacting to how that life-changing moment is retold in Sully.

"That's why moments matter," said Dave Sanderson, "That's why we named the book Moments Matter."

Sanderson said he wrote a book and changed his career after January 2009.

"I was in seat 15A, so I had window seat," Sanderson said, "I saw everything coming out under the wing."

He hasn't seen the new movie Sully.

"From the trailer, I saw who was in my seat - he had a bald head," Sanderson said, "I told my wife at least they got someone in my seat with the right look."

He jokes but says in real life he was the last passenger off that plane that had an emergency landing on the Hudson River.

"My mom, who passed away, started talking to me and I heard 'Do the right thing, God will take care of you'," Sanderson said.

He said he swam to a ferry after standing in waist-high frigid water on the plane.  When he got home to his family - things changed.

"I really need to start prioritizing my life differently," Sanderson said, "I can manage my time around my family and that's changes my relationship so dramatically. That's probably been the biggest blessing for me out of this whole situation."

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Every passenger has their own story to tell.

"Then he chose his words carefully and calmly he says 'This is your captain, brace for impact.' That's all he said and that was like the worst case scenario," Ben Bostic recalls.

Bostic still lives in Charlotte and sees other Flight 1549 survivors.

"We immediately formed a bond.  We call ourselves family and that's the way we feel about each other," Bostic said.

He saw Sully with some of his fellow passengers earlier in the week.

"Heart pounding. My heart rate was definitely elevated at certain times. I had to wipe my eyes a couple times. I wasn't as emotional as I thought I was going to be," said Bostic, "It was fun it was pretty enjoyable ride."

He lived it and is grateful for every minute he is living.

"I'm more afraid of not living then I am dying. I know I'm going to die," Bostic said, "I want to experience as much, squeeze every last d rop out of life that I have left cause I don't know when it's going to come."

We all know the Sully movie has a happy ending.

At the Carolinas Aviation Museum you can see the actual plane that landed in the Hudson River. The museum is having an event Saturday where you can meet other passengers and hear their stories.  If you see the movie, bring your ticket and you'll get two dollars off admission to the museum.

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