Proposed Avondale development in Indian Land could come up again Monday

Proposed Avondale development in Indian Land could come up again Monday

INDIAN LAND, SC (WBTV) - After nearly a year of back and fourth, plans for the proposed Avondale development in Indian Land may come up again Monday at the Lancaster County Council meeting.

The proposed mixed-use development would add hundreds of homes to the growing area near Calvin Hall and Harrisburg Roads, just south of Charlotte.

Earlier this year, council members said no to the plan. It has come up for discussion several times since. The item is on the agenda for consideration at Monday's meeting.

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Councilman Brian Carnes said he is working with the county attorney to make sure it can be discussed.

Under the proposed Avondale agreement, the developer would help fund infrastructure upgrades. Carnes said the group has also offered to put in sidewalks, improve a busy intersection, and donate 10 acres of land to the county that could be used for a recreational park.

"There's a lot of benefits that come to the citizens where as if this is not developed under an agreement, then you lose a lot of those benefits," Carnes said.

Carnes said leaders believe the property will sell anyway. If it is sold in sections, developers would not be required to make the same improvements.

"Working with developers lots of times is how the county is able to provide infrastructure improvements for all the residents to utilize," Carnes said.

Neighbors in Glen Laurel have a hard time keeping up with plans for the property across the street.

"It's been back and fourth, it's on, it's off, it's on, it's off," said Sara Neubauer.

Neubauer admits she's not thrilled about adding hundreds of neighbors, but then she thinks about the developer's promises.

"It can either go to Avondale and we can kind of have all these positive things in return, or it can be sold off and we won't get any benefit to our area," Neubauer said.

Not everyone is sold on the idea just yet. Sal Anzalone is concerned about the impact of added homes on the roads and already-crowded schools.

"The people down here, we're going to have increased traffic," Anzalone said.

Anzalone also questioned whether Avondale can be brought up again after being voted down earlier this year. Carnes is working with the county attorney to make sure there aren't any violations in parliamentary procedure.

Homes and traffic are likely to come anyway, even if it is sold piecemealed, Carnes said.

Neubauer would rather see the property sold to a single developer and said sidewalks and a park are needed in the area.

"I have children so, you know, right now we can't really walk out there it's very dangerous, the cars are very close," Neubauer said.

Lancaster County leaders meet Monday at 6:30 at the county administration building in Lancaster.

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