Charlotte check airman involved in filming the 'Sully' movie

Charlotte check airman involved in filming the 'Sully' movie

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sully, the movie, captures what's been called the Miracle on the Hudson, the January 2009 emergency plane landing on the Hudson River.

That flight was headed to Charlotte and had 150 passengers and 5 crew members onboard. Afterwards, there were months of investigation into what happened, and it was done by people who worked for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

An American Airlines' simulator was used for the movie.

Check airman, Captain Lori Cline showed WBTV the simulator and talked about how she landed on the big screen.

Moviegoers will get to see Tom Hanks play Captain Chesley Sullenberger in the movie. And if you watch closely you'll see Captain Lori Cline, who lives and works in the Charlotte-area.

Cline showed the simulator where pilots do training and where the director, Clint Eastwood filmed a part of Sully.

"Mr. Eastwood was sitting right back there," said Cline pointing to a chair behind the pilot's seat.

Cline explained how a simulator in France tested the same scenario and whether the plane could have landed at another airport.

"Two 8 pound birds is what the airplane took," Cline said.

Captain Cline was part of the testing, which is very technical.

"I think they quickly realize that to be able to get actors up to speed enough to be able to portray the most realistic way these runs that we did would take more than they were allotting for filming," Cline said.

She didn't meet Tom Hanks during the seven hours of filming. Another actor told the director her background.

"He leaned over and said to Mr. Eastwood 'Are you aware that Lori really was on the NTSB team doing these very runs?' and he was like 'stop' and he leaned in and said, 'Are we doing everything exactly like the way you did it?'" Cline explained.

She explained how she kept her cool.

"Fortunately, he's behind you and he's kind of in the dark and you just have this image of Dirty Harry saying 'Go ahead make my day,' Cline said,  "It was surreal."

But she says after seeing the movie, it looked very real.

"Filming the real people, doing the real job and the end result hopefully is it looks very realistic," Cline said, "I think what you'll see in the movie has a result is a very realistic recreation of how that investigation went."

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