Nearly 3,000 flags in Romare Bearden Park to honor 9/11 victims

Nearly 3,000 flags in Romare Bearden Park to honor 9/11 victims

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Before the sun came up over the Charlotte skyline, American Flags were going into the ground at Romare Bearden Park.

This is preparation for the annual 'Flags of Remembrance' ceremony to mark September 11th.

Careful thought given to each flag placed in the ground to honor those that lost their lives.

"Remembering that each flag represents a person really brings back the magnitude of what happened back to reality," said Kara Walker, with the Firefighter Steven Coakley Foundation. Steven Coakley lost his life on 9/11.

Dozens of volunteers spending several hours Friday morning placing the 2,997 flags and pictures.

"Words cannot really describe how our family changed. He was taken from us and killed, just everything changed," said Walker.

Walker, like others, lost loved ones that day and 15 years later the pain remains.

"I tend to get emotional and you try not to watch or get caught up with things that are going on that day," said Frank Poulin, current FDNY firefighter.

For Frank Poulin, still an active firefighter in New York, says these types of memorials are important to prevent anything from ever becoming habitual or routine.

"It still amazes me how terrible of day it was and it seems so long ago, but then again it feels like yesterday," said Poulin. "I think it is fantastic that 15 years later we have all these volunteers out here doing this for us, and we really appreciate it."

Memory ribbons will be handed out and a piece of steel from the World Trade Center will be on display like it has been in years past.

The memorial will consist of the tolling of a bell at six different times throughout the morning. It will be at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday.

  • 8:46 – American Flight 11 crashes into the North Tower
  • 9:03 – United Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower
  • 9:38 – American Flight 77 crashes into The Pentagon
  • 9:59 – the South Tower collapses
  • 10:03 – United Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, PA
  • 10:28 – the North Tower collapses

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