Tailgating safety tips for football season

Tailgating safety tips for football season
N Charlotte Toyota tips
N Charlotte Toyota tips
Preseason is almost over and soon the Panthers will be back on the field for football season! If you’re ready to cheer on the Carolina Panthers this season, you’re probably prepping for tailgating season, too. What better way to get ready for the big game than grilling and hanging out with your friends and fellow fans? However, when you’re partying before the game you should remember to stay safe!

Tips for tailgating safety

When you’re tailgating before the game, it’s crucial that you keep the safety of yourself and others on the forefront of your mind. This includes when you’re getting for and arriving at the tailgate, while you’re tailgating and at the game, and especially before you leave and head home. While tailgating, safety is number one so remember tips from Toyota of N Charlotte like:

Pack smart and pay attention to pedestrians

While you’re loading up your N Charlotte Toyota truck or SUV with tailgating supplies, mind the payload and towing capacity set by the manufacturer. If you exceed the payload capacity of an SUV, you can increase your rollover risk. You should also not pack items too high so that it blocks your rearview. Make sure you have maximum visibility out all windows and through all mirrors.
When you arrive at the parking lot or field for tailgating, slow down and keep your eye out for pedestrians. There are fans and families out walking around, so be completely aware of your surroundings when you’re searching for your N Charlotte Toyota’s parking spot.

Grill cautiously and drink responsibly

If you’re grilling out at your tailgate, keep grills at least six feet away from any cars or combustible objects. When you’re done grilling, ensure all grills are off and coals are no longer hot before you leave them unattended.
If alcoholic drinks are being consumed at a tailgate, ensure that there will be a designated driver who will be responsible for driving your group home safely. If you’ve been drinking, do NOT get behind the wheel. NEVER drink and drive, instead call a friend or cab to get you home safely.

Keep your N Charlotte Toyota and stuff safe

Before kickoff, get your N Charlotte Toyota ready to leave and be unattended. To protect it from the sun and heat, use a sunshade! This blocks out sun rays and helps preserve your interior and upholstery. It also helps keep the temperature inside your cabin down!
In addition to protecting your ride, don’t forget to protect your belongings! Remove any valuables from your car, or hide them out of sight. Make sure your vehicle is locked and secure, and don’t forget to bring the keys with you!

Win the game and win the tailgate

After the game is over and it’s time to head home, ensure that there is someone fit to drive! You should also check the surrounding area of your vehicle for trash and debris. Picking up your trash is good for the environment and your car! Bottles or cans can puncture your tires or damage your N Charlotte Toyota.
For more tailgating safety tips, give Toyota of N Charlotte a call at (888) 883-3797!