Motivational MVP: Super Jude

Motivational MVP: Super Jude

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Every Friday on Morning Break, we will announce the week's Motivational Most Valuable Player (MVP).

This can be a person or group who truly inspired me in the previous week. Someone we hope will inspire you.

This week's MVP is known by his superhero name: Super Jude.

Jude Peters, Super Jude's legal name, has a rare and lethal form of dwarfism, called RCDP. The Charlotte 2-year-old wears 3-month-old clothing and weighs a little over 10 pounds.

When he was born doctors said he'd only survive two weeks, but he's proving them wrong.

We've been following Jude's story since he was born and earlier this year, Molly Grantham, went with Jude and his family to get a behind-the-scenes, intense look at Jude's specialized medical care at Nemours Dupont Hospital for Children in Delaware.

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They go to this medical center roughly every three to four months to give Jude intense therapy to work on his strength, one-on-one sessions with the best of the best.

They are hoping to be part of a clinical trial that could help babies suffering from RCDP. It could start as soon as next year.

Last month, Jude visited WBTV to asked Molly to be his date for a black tie fundraiser in November. It will raise money for "Rhizo Kids" (a group of kids facing RCDP) fighting for that clinical trial.

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