Morning Motivation: Muddy Hands Syndrome

Morning Motivation: Muddy Hands

(WBTV) - Years ago, I had a coaching client that tended to sabotage everything he touched.

Whether it was starting a new job, a relationship, or how he treated himself, he became comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. From what I gathered he was more "normal" being disappointed with his failures than celebrating his many successes.

While trying to explore the best way to help him visualize what he was doing to himself, I noticed that he had some dried mud on his hands. I inquired about what I saw and he explained that before he met for our session he had been doing some work in his garden.

It was at that moment that I helped him see his dilemma clearly.

Imagine walking into a room where everything in the room is white. Clean and pure. Now imagine walking into that room with mud on your hands. Now proceed to touch everything in the room.

It would be impossible to say that you were never in the room. The reason - because the mud on your hands is now everywhere you touched. Does this make sense?

Today, many of you are walking into new opportunities with mud on your hands. Because many of us can not separate our pain from past events we tend to transfer that pain into new opportunities.

We do this because mentally there is a trigger which causes us to treat all relationships and opportunities the same. It is what I call the "fairness trigger". We find it fair to treat everyone and everything similar. This is even in full effect because we treat promising new relationships similar to the way past relationships treated us.

We are the contaminators and we are contaminating.

Learn to allow new relationships to have new perspective. Where you were hurt before does not grant opportunity for you to be hurt again. Let everything and everyone have new life.

You owe it to yourself so clean your hands and live your life to the fullest. You never know what you can accomplish by simply giving yourself a right to be free. Have your best day yet.

- Coach LaMonte

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