Four Paw Football: Isabelle vs. Chad

Four Paw Football


Isabelle is a 1 year old pit mix, female, and weighs 33 lbs. She was brought to the shelter after being abandoned by her owner. She votes for the Panthers based on her color and is excited to be the first to kick off the season.

Isabelle is still a puppy and seems to want very much to play with other dogs.  She is in the "Train to Adopt" program and knows the "sit" cue.

Isabelle is very affectionate and loves to put her head in your lap and look up with her big brown eyes while you pet her ears.

Izzy is very sweet and warms up to people with patience. She would do well in a home that is willing to go slow with her.

She would do best in a home with kids 14 or older. She has been known to get along with other dogs.


Chad is a 9 month old pit mix, neutered male, and weighs 34 lbs. He arrived at the shelter last month as a stray. Chad likes the Panthers but probably would like any team that throws a ball because he's into that.

Chad is just a puppy and has that puppy energy.  He loves to jump, but when given the "sit" cue, he responds immediately.

He loves to chase tennis balls and walks well on the leash after some exercise.

He has been known to get along with other dogs. Dog introduction recommended prior to adoption.

He would do best in a home with kids over 14.

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