Creepy clowns

Hi everyone, this is Paul Cameron at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom.

Creepy clowns in the woods-- trying to lure kids with treats.  The latest two happened in Winston-Salem and in Columbia. Kids say they saw a person in the woods dressed as a clown saying, "come here, we've got ice cream and candy."

FOX News is settling with anchor Gretchen Carlson who sued CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment and retaliation.  An apology issued tonight states Gretchen was quote "not treated with the respect that she and all our colleagues deserve."
Ailes was ousted after more than 20 women reportedly spoke with an investigating law firm about his alleged advances toward them.

Summer returns tomorrow with plenty of sun and temperatures in the low 90’s.  Meteorologist Leigh Brock says Thursday and Friday will warm up even more plus the humidity will kick back in. Rain chances hold close to zero through the whole week.  

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