Morning Motivation: 'Plan A' Minded

Morning Motivation: 'Plan A' Minded

(WBTV) - Have you ever been told by someone that your "Plan A" sounded great - only to have them tell you later to ensure that you had a "Plan B" just in case it didn't work out?

I've heard that a few times in my life and I am sure you have also, but just because they suggested it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to adhere to it.

Your Plan A is your original mission. Plan A is your passion, the very idea you have for your life.

When our Plan A does not manifest quickly enough we automatically reprogram ourselves to become Plan B minded.

When this happens we cut off the circulation of Plan A which could be on the verge of manifesting if we only put time and effort into it.

Just because we don't see our desires happening immediately doesn't mean that it is not happening; It simply means that the stage is being set for your dream to prosper.

With this in mind, challenge yourself to not have a Plan B. That may sound nuts to some and insane to many. You may even find it uncomfortable, but stay focused and allow your original plan to play itself out, because with Plan B what you thought was just a great back up plan could actually become your greatest distraction!

Have your best day yet.

- Coach LaMonte

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