Morning Motivation: Know Your Value

Morning Motivation: Know Your Value

(WBTV) - There is so much talk about value. Do you know the value of this, do you know the value of that. Value, value, value. I hear it everywhere. However, have you ever looked up the definition of value? It reads...

  1. a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged
  2. the monetary worth of something
  3. relative worth, utility, or importance

From my experience, after receiving a bent and dirty quarter from a bank transaction, I gathered that everything has a story, and since I received this quarter from the bank it still had value.

Now I would like to relate value to your life story. Yes, many of us have not had the picture perfect life. We have been beat up by past relationships, haunted by bad decisions, and lost much energy to activities which were out of our control. However, those things in which life dealt us was never to decrease our value but to increase our value.

You are worth more because you have encounter more. The more you go through in life the more experiences and lessons you gain. Essentially when hell breaks forth in your life welcome it because it is increasing your value.

Relating to the picture of the two quarters. One is shiny and new while the other is old, dirty, bent, and distorted. Sort of like our life stories.

Life has bent us, but it didn't break us. Our past experiences are old, but we are new. There was dirt which was thrown on us from the words and actions of others, but we are clean through the new words we speak and believe about ourselves.

Our viewpoint on life made us distorted at a time, but now we have clarity because we have come into a confidence that we know who we are. Looking at the picture of the quarters, which quarter has the story you are more interested in hearing?

The shiny quarter, which doesn't show in sign of wear and tear, or the bent quarter which clearly has a story? Give me the bent quarter…give me your life story!

Considering the definition of value above, let's focus on the areas of definition I have highlighted.

Your life story has increased your value because you now have a fair exchange rate. Because of your experiences you can look at life from a mindset that you are willing to exchange the lessons and challenges you never faced for a life of lessons which made you better. You are determined and willing to face any battle which comes your way.

Your life has made you worth something. Before there were just ordinary events which manifested in your life, but today your past experiences have made you worth something. This goes back to the statement I made previously that your past has made you more valuable.

Your story has expressed great importance. You are just as important as the next person, and you should never decrease the importance of your story because you believe that you are not worth it, or no one is interested in your story. Remember life has made us all teachers and we must use our life story to teach others. We are students also so TEACH using your story.

Remember, YOU are valuable and YOU are worthy! My friend hold this in your heart: Your value is measured by NOT what life does to you but what you do with your life. Have your best day yet

- Coach LaMonte

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