Morning Motivation: Do Not Quit

Morning Motivation: How I got here

(WBTV) - Quitting is more than just an action but can become a way of life. When you quit once you open the door mentally to the opportunity for you to repeat the behavior.

Once you quit you will consistently allow yourself to quit again and again because you adopt a spiritual law which states internally that quitting is an acceptable act. This is dangerous because you disallow the revelation of what a promised outcome could be. Trust me, I learned this lesson firsthand.

I wanted to quit. The reason I wanted to quit was because it seemed as if the thing I was working on continued to face delay after delay. I lacked patience and determination. I felt deep down that what I desired would never happen. I felt alienated and rejected.

Part of me wanted to release my dream while the other part of me wanted to continue to peek into my future to see if what I desired would actually happen.

I found myself in what I call a "bi-dreamer state", a state in which moment by moment we shift mindsets to accept our dream as a reality or as a fantasy. In reality I knew it would happen. In fantasy I would ask myself what was I doing and why did I really think that a guy like me, a guy who had every obstacle stacked against him, could actually become something meaningful.

Is this you? Have you ever questioned your own existence because the potential of your dream no longer excited you but haunted you?

I understand, however this is NOT you. I determined that the problem with quitting is it is easy to do. The problem with continuing is you are constantly plagued with the idea of quitting. Either way your story will be altered.

We desire to quit because we have faced some overwhelming defeat. Defeat should be an occasion not a lifestyle. We must discontinue sabotaging ourselves because of our need to fill the void of quitting. What I discovered is the more I wanted to quit, as the pressure would mount, a portion of the picture of my dream would display.

I found myself working everyday to simply reclaim pieces so that I could put the picture together. Piece by piece I collected myself and eventually saw my dream manifest. It is simple…do not quit regardless of what you feel. Regardless if it seems as if it would never happen. Regardless if the world around you is ridiculing you, telling you that you are wasting your time.

The critics will always have an opinion but their opinion doesn't have to be yours. This is what I learned:
1.    Quitting defines character. The more you quit the easier it is to do so, and you will wear the title of a quitter.
2.    People who encourage you to quit or ridicule you for pursuing a dream are living in a bitter state because they quit and desire to contaminate others. 
3.    Quitting is a mental state which overwhelms us. To prevent this continue to keep your mind focused on the end result. When you possess your mind with images of results to come it will become so real that it's impossible to separate yourself from it. 
It is important to finish what you started. You were given a dream, not to abandon it, but to pursue it until manifestation occurs. You are closer than you think. Keep going…You will make it! Stay encouraged, motivated, and have your best day yet.

- Coach LaMonte