Saint Teresa of Calcutta honored at special mass in Charlotte

Saint Teresa of Calcutta honored at special mass in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The 11 a.m. mass at Our Lady of Assumption can be best described as ceremonial. In the gathering of more than 700 of the catholic faithful, nuns from Mother Teresa's order the Missionaries of Charity shared valued lessons this new saint brought to life.

Context of a personal nature came from a Charlotte minister who knew her well.

It was retired Bishop The Most Reverend William Curlin who helped open the order's first convent in the Charlotte's Cherry community.

"I said to her in Charlotte there is also suffering here in many areas. She said to bring the presence of my sisters is to proclaim the love of Jesus," Curlin said.

She spoke to a crowd of more than 15,000 during the summer of 1995 at the old Charlotte Coliseum.

"What I have I give with my own heart," Mother Teresa told the Charlotte gathering.

While she was front and center on the big stage, this woman now known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta made herself accessible to her many admirers during this visit to the Queen City.

And she even found time for those waiting outside of the convent on Torrence Street, which included a moment for an interview.

"Love one another and God loves each one of you," She told WBTV. She would also say that love begins at home.

Her order has grown from the small house on Torrence Street to a two story apartment building near Central Avenue, and the retired bishop who shared her stories from India and beyond takes to heart words from a friend.

"She said the greatest illness in the world is not aids. It's not cancer," Curling said. "The greatest disease in the world is the absence of God in the human heart, and we should fill that she said with his love."

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