On The Go With Stro: Log Rolling!

On The Go With Stro: Log rolling

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Over 350 log rolling clubs have been established in the United States in just the last three years, but where did it get it's start?

"A lot of loggers, this was their sport, there was nothing else to do in the mountains. Bring logs down the river, stop, a little competition, chopping trees, running up trees, running across logs, log rolling," said Rodney Sellars of Mecklenburg County Aquatics.

Fast forward to present day, and training goes on in the pool in Mecklenburg County so I decided to give it a try for this segment of "On The Go With Stro" thanks to Mecklenburg Country Aquatics.

What I discovered is this sport is hard, but it's a lot of fun! Watch the video to see more.

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