#TeamNOSugar: Back on Track!

#TeamNOSugar: Back on Track!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - "Decisions are easy. Commitment is where the real change happens."

I read that in an article recently and I just haven't been able to stop thinking about it! For the past 3 and a half years, I've been on this incredible journey. #TeamNOSugar has truly changed my life! Through the highs and lows – I have never once regretted my decision to completely overhaul my lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and physical activity. It's led to the loss of 70 lbs and given me my life back in more ways that you can imagine!

And after spending most of the past few years doing back-to-back-to-back (you get the point) 30-day challenges, I decided to step away from being so consistently public about it. Why? Simply put – I needed a break! But somewhere along the way, I think I forgot the commitment portion to #TeamNOSugar. That even without the challenges (and let's be honest, accountability), I still needed to be committed. And that has waned some. In part because of burnout - not the lifestyle but being SO public about it-  and in part, because I was just flat-out tired of saying no to my weaknesses (hello, chocolate, wine and cheese!).

But, I've learned a few things over these past couple of months:

1- Falling off doesn't mean failure.  
I mean, let's be real here. During my hiatus, my eating habits have ranged from supermodel yoga enthusiast to hungry unsupervised child in a candy store! It's THAT wide-ranging. I was tired of towing the line so I just indulged whenever I wanted. Not the way I used to pre-#TeamNOSugar – but still waaaaaay more than I'd allowed myself to since I first started this journey.

2- If you indulge, you HAVE to work it off! 
Translation: get my butt to the gym consistently. And yeah, I slacked on that, too. 
Thus, the added fluff I'm now dealing with now. Sigh.

3- You CAN get back on track. 
This is prolly the most important lesson. You can ALWAYS get back on track. No matter what. That's the beauty of this being a lifestyle! And that is what I've been doing as of late. Reigning in the wine o'clock and "of course, I'll have dessert" to get back to my 5x a week gym session, 10,000 steps with my FitBit and using fruit to curb any cravings! I'm 4 days in and feeling grrrreat! *in my Tony the Tiger voice*

So, our new #TeamNoSugar challenge starts, Tuesday, September 5! Imma give you Labor Day weekend to get your last-minute indulgences in because come Tuesday, it. is. ON!

Make the decision, commit to and then see the real change happen right before your eyes.

30 days, no processed or added sugars. Let's do this! #WelcomeToTheTeam

Editor's Note: Please consult your doctor before beginning any new health and wellness regimen.