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There's a TON to eat on #TeamNOSugar!

(Brigida Mack | WBTV) (Brigida Mack | WBTV)
(Brigida Mack | WBTV) (Brigida Mack | WBTV)

It’s a question I get ALL the time. What CAN you eat on #TeamNOSugar. I admit, the ‘Foods to AVOID’ list can seem pretty daunting but you can eat a lot more that you think!  

All you need to do is just change your thinking. 

To get you started, I’ve created an entire photo album of Meal and Snack ideas for #TeamNOSugar on my Facebook page. And not to worry if you don’t have FB, you can still access the photos! Listen, these meals & snacks are JUST a jumping off point! They’re examples of what I actually eat. 

That said, be prepared to try NEW things. Before you start saying, ‘oh I don’t eat that or like that – try something NEW. Try new foods. More importantly NEW and different ways of preparing foods. Roasting veggies (in the oven), for example, can change your life! 

Looking for new ideas? Google is your friend, folks. Also Pinterest is a go-to spot for me when I’m looking for new recipes/ideas. A little research goes a long way! 

Again – these are just ideas to get your mind thinking about meals and snacks in a different way. 

It won’t be easy – but it can absolutely be DONE! #WelcomeToTheTeam #ItsaLifestyleNotaDiet #30DayChallenge 

For #TeamNOSugar Meal/Snack Ideas, click here.

Editor’s Note: Please consult your doctor before trying any new health and wellness program.

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