Preemie parents celebrate first day of kindergarten

Kindergartner reaches miracle milestone

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It was the day that might not have ever come. Five years ago, Megan and Troy Bowlby weren't looking to the future, they were only living day-to-day, praying their one pound thirteen ounce daughter might do the same.

Baby Claire wasn't growing in her mother's belly like she should, so she had to be born early.

When she was born, it wasn't the standard joy that comes with giving birth.

"I didn't get to see her for 24 hours because I was so sick and she was so little. When they first took me to her I wouldn't look at her because I was afraid she was going to die. And if she was going to die I wasn't going look at her," Megan said.

But baby Claire clung to life, and she grew. And she lived.

Now she's 5 years old. And today, "all by herself," Claire hopped on board a school bus to make her way to her very first day of kindergarten.

"She was determined," Megan said. "She has said she waited her whole life to ride a school bus... and she got on that school bus."

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