Nettie Reeves: M100's workout

Nettie Reeves: M100's workout


Want a high intensity work out that can be completed in a nick of time? Then M100's are for you. The "M" stands for mandatory and the 100 is the number of reps of the three different exercises performed. There are 10 Burpees, 10 Mountain Climbers and 10 Squat Hops. Perform 10 of each until you reach 100. Try not to have any rest and try to complete the routine as quickly as possible. If 100 isn't enough then go for 200. But try to complete it in less than ten minutes.


Get into a push-up position with hands shoulder width apart. Jump forward so that your feet are a few inches away from your hands and then spring upwards with the intention of jumping as high as possible. Then spring back into the original push-up position. Repeat nine times to equal ten reps.


Just like the Burpee, this exercise starts off in the push-up position with hands shoulder width apart. Keeping your feet at shoulder width also, think of performing high knees, trying to get your knee as close to your chin as possible (without hitting it). Bring one knee to the upper chest area. Then move the leg back to the starting position. Do the same on the opposite side which will complete one rep. Repeat for a total of ten.


In a standing position, place hands on the hips. Keeping our feet shoulder width apart and heels tucked into the ?oor. Bend the knees into a squatting position and then hop off the ?oor. Perform ten of these.

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