Reporter Notebook: Remembering Alison Parker, Adam Ward

Reporter Notebook: Remembering Alison Parker, Adam Ward

(WBTV) - Headlines are everywhere. On TV, our phones, when we log onto Facebook. It's hard to escape the one-line summaries that define the day's big stories.

Some headlines we shrug off, others draw us in for a brief glance. But every once in a while one stops you in your tracks, sticking with you forever. I read that headline one year ago today: "Reporter and photographer gunned down on live TV."

I didn't know Alison Parker. I didn't know Adam Ward. But that didn't matter. The news of their senseless death shook me like no news story ever had.

On the morning of August 26th, I was sitting in the Charlotte airport waiting to fly cross-country to watch one of my best friend's graduate from PA school. My sight was glued to the TV monitors overhead in the boarding area. There was no sound. But I didn't need to hear what was being said. I couldn't stop staring at the bright-eyed selfies of Alison and Adam that flashed across our screens.

How could this happen? They were young, passionate and eager. I saw myself in their eyes.

I cried in Charlotte. I cried on the plane and I cried when I reached Phoenix. If I felt so sick about this incomprehensible loss, how were their families feeling? What was the station going through?

As a journalist, I couldn't seem to grasp how the staff was keeping it together while reporting on a story that rocked them to their core.

In the days, weeks and months that followed, the world learned more about the two beautiful faces that filled up our timelines. And because of that, I choose to change the headline that's stuck in my head from how they died, to how Alison and Adam lived.

Thinking of you today, WDBJ7.

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