Source says CMS principal faces serious allegations

Principal suspended as school starts

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte - Mecklenburg School (CMS) parents are shocked their principal has been suspended with pay. CMS says the principal of Park Road Montessori School, Anna Moraglia. has been relieved of her services indefinitely.

CMS has not said why, but a source tells WBTV the principal faces some serious allegations. Parents and teachers tell WBTV they believe this suspension may have to do with thousands of dollars missing.

Back in July an investigation was launched into $15,000 missing from school funds.  Teachers and parents say another school employee had something to do with the stolen money and the principal should have known about it. Parents say that's possibly why Moraglia is in trouble.

CMS says her suspension is indefinite but parents say the new interim principal, Martha Carpenter, will be at the school all year.

Parents at the school were sent a Connect5 message about the changes at the school.

"This is Tara Lynn Sullivan, CMS Central Learning Community Superintendent.

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