When it comes to senior living communities, are you a classic INRY?

When it comes to senior living communities, are you a classic INRY?

"I'm not ready yet" (INRY) is a new acronym based on old perceptions about retirement communities. Many INRYs have put their toe in the water by looking online or even attending an event. But there is still some trepidation.

I've worked in this industry for decades and seen the transformation in both the "concept" of senior living and the "people" who have made the leap.

Many start out as INRYs with generalized objections. When I dig deeper I often hear common underlying themes. Many can't bear the thought of cleaning out their homes for a move – overwhelming! Others are concerned about "fitting in" at the community. However, the reality is that if you find the right community with a network of resources and like-minded residents, most people who move in wish they had done it sooner. Many express how much they love their new home, friends and lifestyle. One sentiment expressed numerous times – which we love to hear – is when people tell us the move was actually not as difficult as imagined, in fact, it was liberating!

Too often, the "stuff" in our lives seems to take charge. We live in homes filled with items that have become anchors to our existence; things that no longer have as much meaning or purpose. When a new resident moves to our retirement community they bring with them the treasures they still love ­– their favorite furnishings, their most prized possessions and their memories. On the flip side they get to leave behind the "stuff" they really don't need.

In fact, most people find themselves enjoying new acquaintances, a fresh approach to activities and an enriched way of life that enhances each and every day. And at Aldersgate, they have the certainty in knowing if there ever is a need for care, we have the availability for it on site in an appropriate setting to support the person and their family.

It truly is a way of life that you should know more about. Come see why so many Charlotte-area seniors enjoy calling Aldersgate home. Oh, and there is one more acronym to know – the definition for "STUFF" – Superfluous Things Under Foot Forever!

Mike Wallace is Director of Marketing at Aldersgate and has worked in Senior Living for more than 20 years.